FLY3D Gaming App

How I turned My Crazy Idea into an Awesome 3D Action Game

How I got an amazing idea and added life to it, and ended up developing Fly3d.

I recently launched my very own action game app called Fly3d

I have always been passionate about developing software programs and games. That’s the reason I opted for engineering in the first place. I have spent most of my college life examining different programs and the way they were made. Unlike my other friends, I used to be thrilled by the technical stuff of the game. If I liked a game, I’d try to figure out the technique it was made with.

When I started Blooming Pixel, an entrepreneurial effort of my own, I started taking software and game development seriously. Besides working on different programs, I was also studying engineering. It did make things a lot trickier for me because I had to struggle to take out time for programming. With so many things on my plate, I still managed to create my own game, and I want to share the experience with you.

From idea to execution, everything that this game has become is all my own doing. So, here I am writing my very own piece to document the complete process from idea to execution.

Buckle up folks because we are getting started!

The very first image of my “future game”

I had always been passionate about games. I was so fascinated by these games that I always dreamed about creating one of my own. I had been researching about creative thinking, visualization, and game development.

But today that I could visualize a gaming idea, I realized that up until that point in my life, I had always underestimated my creative skills.

The time I fought with my mind!

When I had this idea of creating a game of my own, I struggled the most with my mind. I knew I always wanted a game of my own, but I did not know how hard it is to pick a genre. I constantly fought with my mind and kept thinking whether I should go for an educational app or an exciting game.

Because I have always been a huge fan of thrilling and adventurous games, my mind was biased. So, it took me several days to come to a decision, but in the end my interests did win and I choose to design a game. Now it was time to think of a name because once I know the name, I’d know what the game’s story should be like.

Then I remembered that one of my creative writing teachers from school told me to always use a pencil and a paper to write down your idea. So, I did exactly that. I wrote several names on a piece of paper and tried to visualize them as a game. I won’t lie… some of them were stupid.

After a few hours of constant struggle, I ended up deciding between three names that were neither silly nor taken by other companies. So, the name I ended up choosing was ‘Fly3d’.

Now it was time for me to get started with the game development process.

I did not just write the name without thinking about the game itself. I picked this name because I wanted my first game to be about aircraft, freedom, and thrill. So, I was clear in my mind that I wanted to develop a game in which the players will be able to fly planes. I knew exactly what I wanted so I headed onto the next step, which was designing the layout of the game itself.

The part when I pushed my mind the most!

I drew several images in a sketchbook. I drew planes, jets, and what not, just to find the perfect interface for my game. I looked at different aircraft adventure games to get an idea of how it should be like, but most of it was from my imagination or you can say the way I want to experience flying an aircraft of my own.

When I was designing the game’s interface and its story, I wanted it to be like a scenario in which an outside entity is trying to conquer the world and the player in the aircraft has to keep them from doing so (very much like the movie ‘the Transformers’). I drew several drawings on a piece of paper, and if I liked them, I drew them in the program. Once I started designing flat images of the objects that will be part of the game, I had a clear theme for the game in front of me. I developed the main menu, game design, player options, etc. first and kept programming for the end.

I struggled with everything!

There was a point in between this whole process that I felt that it is not going to work out. I was deprived of sleep and my mind would always tell me that the game might not work. At one point, I was so stressed that I started thinking that my game will not even get a single download. But soon I realized that it is just the stress that I am under and that’s all. My family and friends also helped me get over my fears, and I was soon back on track and in full swing to get done with Fly3d.

What my thrilling game was about!

So, after months of hard work, I could see my game taking its final form. I was really thrilled to see it come out this way. It was a 3D aircraft game in which the player would be flying the last F-17 of the Falcon fleet. The story of the game was pretty awesome and the aircraft was to defeat the Vogons who have invaded the planet. The enemy is so powerful that it has made all our weapons useless, but only the last aircraft is able to fire missiles and canons. The player also has to destroy the alien aircrafts and keep aliens from looting the worldly treasures.

I developed the game by drawing wireframes to see how the game will turn out to be. This also helped me find out about the different techniques that I could use in the game.

I couldn’t release it until I was sure.

It was my first ever game and I was really nervous. Because I did not want it to fail, I tested it by allowing a group of people and game lovers to play it. Well, I expected criticism, but those players were very honest, but I guess that’s exactly how I ended up fixing the errors in the game. I took the criticism positively. I knew that whatever they will tell me will help me make the game better for the audience that will be playing it.

It took me around two weeks to fix all the errors and get ready for the final release of Fly3d.

Thereafter, I released Fly3d on the Google Play Store and I remember being acknowledged by my friends and family. Every time someone would download or rate my game, I’d feel like all the hard work really paid off.

Looking at the success of my game and all the praise that I have received, I think I’m soon going to develop a new one.